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This is the product of my first thread crochet stint way back in February 2007.  My Grandma graciously gave me her thread crochet hook collection when I told her I had a project in mind, but no supplies.  Not only did she donate her steel crochet hooks to my craft cause, she gave me some of her stashed crochet thread to get started. 

I made a bunch of bookmarks from that thread and as a thank you I sent her one of the them.  This is how my Grandma keeps the bookmark today, hung over her lamp.  I snapped a pic when I visited her in December.   

I don’t think I’m the thread crochet type.  The tiny string makes it hard to keep the right tension, especially the shiny kinds.  Even if I personally don’t absolutely love thread,  I still ‘ooh’ and ‘aah’ at the multitude of doiles harbored on Flickr.  I guess I’m a prime canidate for those doily baby blankets.

The pattern for the Columbine bookmark above is currently unavailable as far as I can tell.  Every link I try has a “Oops!  Error” slogan.  Lucky me, I have a copy from those luxurious days when my printer still worked.  There was another bookmark I made at the same time called the Star Flower.  The pattern for that is available at Craft Bits (thank you Ravelry pattern search!)

I got curious and searched Crochetville for my orignal post.  This was way before I ever thought about keeping a crochet blog and I had just joined the ‘Ville.  You can still see my Crochetville post from way back when, complete with original fuzzy bookmark pictures.  I got a kick out of revisiting the post and believe it or not, Riohnna was the first comment!

*That’s cool* a random fact

Mick Jagger wanted the part of Dr. Frank N. Furter in the film verion of The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

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This is another version of the Chromium Star Blanket made with Red Heart Super Saver in Ranch Red, Pumpkin and Dark Orchid.  Here you can see the adjacent double crochet stitch (adc) in action.  The point is to add height without chains or large holes in the stitch below.  I’ve added a new tutorial for the first three rounds of the Chromium Star Blanket in the tutorials section.    

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I took this picture randomly after a brief session trying to photograph a starghan.  My camera was just sitting this way and I figured, why not?  Of course I do this, by my estimation, a lot, and they don’t come out quite as coherent.  You can see a tiny white wisp on the bottom right hand corner, compliments of my doggie, Biscuit. 

The whole picture reminds me of a skating ramp like the ones in the Scott Stamnes Memorial Skatepark I drive by on my way to the Island Market. 

I love driving on Orcas Island.  There are no stop lights and very few turns.  You just drive and drive 30 mph (or less) to your destination surrounded by ocean views and hills covered by evergreen trees.  While it is a great place to learn to drive, when I was a teenager I couldn’t stand it.  I wanted to get where I was going and fast.  I think I’ve mellowed since then and now I like my quiet drives with the sometimes crackly radio humming in the background and a little white dog with her nose out the back window.  There is very little thinking involved since there are so few turns and you are driving so slow and your mind can wander.  But this is also true for sitting in traffic on the freeway. 

Speaking of freeways, there is a driving lag when you enter the ‘real’ roads after driving on Orcas Island.  All of the sudden people tailgate you for going only 5 mph over the limit and cut you off for a parking space when you were cautiously approaching at a reasonable 10 mph.   And there are stoplights and street signs everywhere you have to pay attention to. 

I think it is very similar to that feeling you get after driving on a long trip on the freeways at 75 mph and you drive off the ramp.  With your freeway frame of reference 55 mph just doesn’t seem very fast and they want you to take the ramp turn at 30 mph.  I’m just saying.           

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