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I carved pumpkins with my brother with the Pumpkin Masters kit left over from a past Halloween using the stencil method.  Above is his pumpkin.  The title of the pattern is ‘fangs’ and you can sort of tell that he still has one tooth left.  This pumpkin weighed over 30 lbs and had a lot of gunk inside him.  Plus, the walls of the pumpkin were really hard to carve.  This was one solid squash!  The poor pumpkin got carved a little rough as a result but he is oh so cute at night. 

Check out his gold tooth!  What’s not to love about that face? 

I like the how the thumb turned out on my ‘fright this way’ pumpkin, with the darkened nail.  It almost looks like it was painted black.  The meat of this pumpkin was considerably easier to carve than the one above, so I was lucky!   

If my printer wasn’t on the fritz I would have made another pumpkin using one of the patterns on Pumpkin Glow.  There are patterns on the site that call for carving the pumpkin only half way through so you have a darker portion and an added dimension.

Also, if you have some creepy Halloween photos you can enter it in the Photobucket Freakin’ Friends Halloween Slideshow Contest     

*That’s cool* a random fact

Pumpkins are a fruit and come from a Greek word meaning large melon.

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