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More dishcloths today.  These are a quick distraction from other projects I’m working on, but can’t show.  First of all, I’m crocheting some top secret items for my Swap Swap Gals appointed recipient Katrina.  We’re not technically swap partners since each person delivers to next down a list.  Most of the projects for Katrina are crochet, but there’s also an intermediate knit piece that I’m excited to finish. 

Also, I’m spending some time on a picture tutorial for the Through Any Window Baby Blanket.  I’ve got about half of it photographed and, as usual, I’ll have left and right handed photos included. 

And there’s good news about the camera: my brother had a look and ‘broke’ the lens back into place.  Was that all?  In any case I’m happy to get my little PowerShot back in working order!

So, about the dishcloths.  This Sunshine Dishcloth by Drew was interesting to crochet.  I like the multi-layered effect and the unique shape the border forms using shells.  I had to block it lightly to get the ‘pointy’ effect, but this turns out well without any help.  I want to make another in a variegated cotton like Andrea on her blog Knits and Knots.   

James G. Davis adapted this design for a twelve inch Sunny Skies Square.  So, if you’re not a dishcloth kind of person, you could still try this pattern to include in a blanket or comfortghan.


Here’s another design by Drew called the Pentagon Dishcloth that does require blocking to get the right shape.  In it’s unblocked state, the pentagon looks more like a miss-shaped circle.  

The dishcloth is made with Lily’s in Soft Teal.  (Can you tell I have a lot of Sugar and Cream in my cotton stash?)  The pattern itself kept me on my toes, but I like the overall design and I learned a few crochet lace tricks along the way.     


The Lacy Honeycomb Dishcloth is made with Lily’s Sugar and Cream in Over the Rainbow and Hot Orange.  I’m thinking that this color scheme would have worked better if I used the orange as the main color.  The pretty crochet design is lost in all that mishmash of color in the center.  This dishcloth  is on the small side (not necessarily a bad thing) but turned out to be a satisfying little project.     

 *That’s cool* a random fact

The bumblebee moth has transparent wings and a black and yellow body that makes it look like an ordinary bumblebee.  This disguise allows the moth to infiltrate a bee’s nest and lay it’s eggs in the honeycomb.

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The bee’s knees

Yesterday was so… what’s the word… summery. I just couldn’t help but document some of this delicious sunshine before fall takes the northwest by storm and rains. And rains and rains.

Look, my hanging plant is growing (crochet) flowers!

I love the assembly used in this scarf; no sewing and no unnecessary loose ends. For a scarf this number has lots of loose ends, so the fewer the better. There’s just a weird post stitch join in the pattern that looks complicated since it is very wordy but it quite simple and creates a join-as-you-go assembly.

Oh, and for all you pattern hunters out there, this is the Garden Scarf from Stitch ‘n Bitch: The Happy Hooker. I used Lion Brand Pound of Love in pastel pink, Caron Perfect Match in cream and Red Heart Super Saver in white. A smörgåsbord of cheap acrylics I’m afraid. Neutrals appealed to me at the time, but at some point I’d like to make another in a darker cotton blend yarn.

This little worker bee was very curious about all the disturbances. He tolerated a few botched photo shoots, then repeatedly dive bombed me for good measure. Of course I yelped and ran every time he flew towards me like a mini yellow heat seeking missile.

I’ve heard that if you run they get caught in the subsequent wind current. Should I have tested this out? Maybe. But I wasn’t about to test that theory with a bee on a rampage. I’m curious, but respectfully fearful of his stinging behind.

*That’s Cool* a random fact

The pit viper snake can detect temperature changes of one-thousandth of a degree centigrade. This remarkable ability is being studied to refine heat seeking missile technology.

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