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Exchange of goods

I finally got the edging on the Crochet Half Moon shawl done!  I didn’t have enough to finish the border so I had to wait until I went off island to visit my grandma to pick up a skein.  The dye lot was pretty close to the original three Jiffy balls I had originally acquired, being just the tiniest shade lighter.  This color difference could all be in my head though.  Either Lion Brand is really good about keeping their dye lots relatively the same or I happened to pick up a skein from the same batch at JoAnns a month later. 

The directions said to crochet evenly across the edge so I put two rather than three stitches across the side of each double crochet.  It bothered me that the two corners didn’t end up the same.  The one on the left had a shell going around the corner while the one on the right had a ditch of two shells meeting on the corner.  I’m going to ask the Crochetville CAL if they had the same problem.  Maybe I should have put three stitches on the side of each double crochet. 


Do you see the natural sunlight in the picture?  We haven’t had a ‘sunbreak’ like this in weeks here in the San Juans.  I prefer to take pictures with visible sun but winter in the Northwest makes that nearly impossible. 

There’s no wide shot of the Half Moon FO yet since I was in a hurry to get to The Exchange before dark.  I wanted to pick up some books in late preparation for my New Year’s resolution to read more yet somehow not crochet less.  (So much for setting attainable goals.)   

I would recommend The Exchange as an unique ‘anti-tourist’ spot on Orcas Island.  Think Goodwill meets the barter system.  Conveniently located across from Waste Management, (a.k.a. the garbage dump) the best thing about The Exchange is there are no set prices.  Today I donated three books and picked out three more, a first edition of Into The Wild, Never Let Me Go and The Last Girls, all in good condition.  And no money exchange!  Officially their policy is ‘pay what you think is fair’. 

Even if you aren’t there to buy or barter, there are expansive areas to search for discarded treasures.  You can go through an eclectic collection of framed pictures or sift through records, tapes and Cd’s.  I see a lot of people there searching for spare parts, home improvement materials and, randomly, home recorded VHS tapes.  Go figure.  So if you ever make it to Orcas Island, Washington visit The Exchange for a different kind of tourism and maybe even a one of a kind souvenir.

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