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How can a simple pattern be so gratifying? Oh yes, the act of completing a given task. This Basic Bib was designed by Priscilla Hewitt. I seem to be running into quite a few great free patterns by this generous lady. In particular this pattern avoids the old hum drum look of single crochet rows with a wobbly stitch (my own very scientific term) that a beginner could tackle. If this pattern just isn’t for you, try a Slipover Bib by Laurie Clark, another excellent baby spit catcher.

The recipient for this baby bib is my little nephew Parker. Technically he’s my second cousin, but I’m calling him my nephew until he’s big enough to protest. He is about seven months now. Yikes! As I read my own type I realize I should really get my hooks moving before he grows out of my stash of baby yarn.

*That’s Cool* a random fact

Your food is in danger of becoming a spit catcher if you see a fly hovering. Flies use their straw-shaped tongue (called a proboscis) to suck up your grilled fillet mignon, but first they drool to make your slab of meat more like a flesh smoothie. Yum.

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