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Happy Birthday, Grandma

My maternal grandma turned 84!

She has introduced me to so many crafts and nursed my interest in yarns. I saw my first log cabin motif when she spread her knit afghan across the couch and pointed out the light and dark diagonals. (Such a novel idea to my eight-year-old self.)

This pillow is a beautiful example of her needlepoint. I just love the color scheme of bright and cheery pink with cool blue. Blues and yellows have been my favorite since I was little and the gold yarn is a really pretty accent color for this piece.

Thank you, Grandma for all the beautiful handcrafted gifts. There is love and warmth in every stitch.

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Here’s a sneak peek of my new free Chromium Star Blanket crochet pattern. It’s in the testing stage over at Crochetville. (Thank you RoseRed, Super Granny and Riohnna!) Check back here or in the free patterns section of Crochetville in mid-October for the pattern.

If you’re just itching to make a star-shaped blanket right this instant, try two other free hook-worthy starghan patterns: Beth’s Little Star Afghan and, pictured immediately above, the All-aRouNd DiVa‘s version. These starghans work up quick and I used only a small amount of white and 7oz double stranded Baby Soft in pastel blue for this comfort sized blanket.



Speaking of Lion Brand yarn, check out how great Baby Soft looks in this O Baby Hat pattern. Shells and V stitches make for a very cute cap. Thanks to Wormie for posting the ones I sent for her charity Marine Corps Kids. Otherwise I would never have a picture to blog about! The lavender hat on the top right? Another easily tackled crochet baby hat; deceptively easy in fact. Check out the Baby Swirls pattern and lots of other baby patterns at Bev’s Country Cottage.*That’s cool* a random fact

Shooting stars are produced by meteors smaller than an orange and the most common are no larger than a grain of sand.

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The bee’s knees

Yesterday was so… what’s the word… summery. I just couldn’t help but document some of this delicious sunshine before fall takes the northwest by storm and rains. And rains and rains.

Look, my hanging plant is growing (crochet) flowers!

I love the assembly used in this scarf; no sewing and no unnecessary loose ends. For a scarf this number has lots of loose ends, so the fewer the better. There’s just a weird post stitch join in the pattern that looks complicated since it is very wordy but it quite simple and creates a join-as-you-go assembly.

Oh, and for all you pattern hunters out there, this is the Garden Scarf from Stitch ‘n Bitch: The Happy Hooker. I used Lion Brand Pound of Love in pastel pink, Caron Perfect Match in cream and Red Heart Super Saver in white. A smörgåsbord of cheap acrylics I’m afraid. Neutrals appealed to me at the time, but at some point I’d like to make another in a darker cotton blend yarn.

This little worker bee was very curious about all the disturbances. He tolerated a few botched photo shoots, then repeatedly dive bombed me for good measure. Of course I yelped and ran every time he flew towards me like a mini yellow heat seeking missile.

I’ve heard that if you run they get caught in the subsequent wind current. Should I have tested this out? Maybe. But I wasn’t about to test that theory with a bee on a rampage. I’m curious, but respectfully fearful of his stinging behind.

*That’s Cool* a random fact

The pit viper snake can detect temperature changes of one-thousandth of a degree centigrade. This remarkable ability is being studied to refine heat seeking missile technology.

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How can a simple pattern be so gratifying? Oh yes, the act of completing a given task. This Basic Bib was designed by Priscilla Hewitt. I seem to be running into quite a few great free patterns by this generous lady. In particular this pattern avoids the old hum drum look of single crochet rows with a wobbly stitch (my own very scientific term) that a beginner could tackle. If this pattern just isn’t for you, try a Slipover Bib by Laurie Clark, another excellent baby spit catcher.

The recipient for this baby bib is my little nephew Parker. Technically he’s my second cousin, but I’m calling him my nephew until he’s big enough to protest. He is about seven months now. Yikes! As I read my own type I realize I should really get my hooks moving before he grows out of my stash of baby yarn.

*That’s Cool* a random fact

Your food is in danger of becoming a spit catcher if you see a fly hovering. Flies use their straw-shaped tongue (called a proboscis) to suck up your grilled fillet mignon, but first they drool to make your slab of meat more like a flesh smoothie. Yum.

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I’m from jupiter

Hmm… I’m just a tad disappointed since as I recall girls (or interchangeably boys) go to Jupiter to get more stupider. I guess my “exuberantly curious… love to explore newness” does explain my random attraction to large masses of crochet patterns. So tell me, What Planet Are You From?

You Are From Jupiter


You are exuberantly curious – and you love to explore newness. Enthusiastic and optimistic, you get a kick out of stimulating intellectual discussions. Foreign cultures and languages fascinate you. Chances are you tend to exaggerate, so try to keep a lid on that. If you do, you’ll continue to be known for your generosity, and sense of justice.


As for crochet, while I am working on a few things, I lack the focus to finish anything. My mind keeps jumping from one project to another. FOs are elusive to me. My affirmation of the day: I will finish a project!

*That’s Cool * a random fact

Jupiter has color-coded clouds due to chemical reactions in it’s atmosphere. Red clouds hover in the highest altitudes, but below these the clouds are brown, white and blue.

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Hunker down and explore my world of craftiness.

Watch out in the coming weeks for a camouflage Daisy Flower Charity Square blanket, a red stripe starghan of my own design and a few free patterns for good measure.

Catch me at Crochetville or Craftster where I go by the alias laurah4200. If you’re on Ravelry search for me under the username thekidneybean.


A Whole Load of Craft

Like buttons? Take mine!

Just copy and paste this:

<a href=”https://thekidneybean.wordpress.com/”&gt; <img src=”http://s153.photobucket.com/albums/s208/laura_lynn_hanks/th_ctmpphpPXzoK1.jpg&#8221; alt=”A Whole Load of Craft” /></a>

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